Dating in 2022 To Avoid Toxic People and Narcissistic Abuse

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Dating in 2022 To Avoid Toxic People and Narcissistic Abuse. Kevin talks about dating after narcissistic abuse. The key to avoiding toxic people while dating, never again experience narcissistic abuse and get to discover yourself in order to find the perfect match for you in 2022.

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📚How Do You Know If Your Dealing With Narcissistic Abuse👇
Emotional / psychological abuse is a behavior your partner uses to control you or damage your emotional well-being. It can be verbal or non-verbal:

▶︎ Name-calling, mocking, intimidation and making humiliating remarks or gestures.

▶︎ Yelling in your face or standing is a menacing way.

▶︎ Placing little value on what you say.

▶︎ Interrupting, changing topics, not listening or responding, and twisting your words.

▶︎ Putting you down in front of other people.

▶︎ Saying negative things about your friends and family.

▶︎ Preventing or making it difficult for you to see friends or relatives
Cheating or being overly jealous.

▶︎ Shifting responsibility for abusive behavior by blaming others or saying you caused it.

▶︎ Monitoring your phone calls, texts, car and computer use.

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