Dating Apps? Dating Non Christians? Attraction? | Dating Advice Q&A pt 2

June 4, 2021 by No Comments

PART TWO COMING AT YOU! Yall ready for this series Dating?? We think it will encourage a lot of people whether you have been on 100 dates or 0 dates.

so what is on my heart today… I think what is on my heart today is TRUE VALUE. Like finding TRUE VALUE in the things that matter…I think it is very easy for all of us to get caught up in what we are told to value… looks, cars, how someone proposed, etc… And I’m not saying those things aren’t good… I love that I am physically attracted to my wife, I do have a dream car (that I hope to get one day) and I proposed in a thoughtful way on purpose! But those things are just additions to our life, they do not give it meaning and value. There are so many other things we need to value like our health. Like did we call a loved one today… Like did we take time to be kind to someone today (EVEN IF THEY DID CUT US OFF IN THEIR CAR)… In the same way God looks at things and values them differently we should seek to do the same. That means we need to unpack the things we are chasing, and ask why we are chasing them…If it is something that provided true value to our life versus a perceived value (because societies tells us we need it) then we need to bump those down on the priority list.)

STEPPING OFF MY SOAPBOX but for those of you who are here for some little tips on stuff we are working on here is a small riddle… they will become less and less vague as the time approaches.
I heat things up, but cool things down at the same time.

Chad & Tori

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